Loved by Him

I am the one of those all

ИсполнительКочанжи Дарина
АльбомЯ возлюбил тебя, 2016
Номер трека№10
Тональность H (Си)
Темп Средний
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Verse 1:
       Hm                                G                           A    D/F#  
I lived my life in search of empty things,
                    G  C#7       F#sus4         F#
My time, my will were always in control.
    Hm                 G                              A   D/F#
I thought i had no need for what God brings,
               G  C#7      F#sus4             F#
I gave no heed to crying of my soul.

Verse 2:
Was planning doing all the time, but sad,
When something else was missing deep inside.
My mind was whirling But my heart was dead,
One step to God , one prayer in the night.

Hm   F# 
And now...

Hm      G               A                        D     A/C#       
I am the one of those all under the life-giving stream,
Hm      G               A                        D     A/C#       
And I am happy to know I am loved by Him.

Verse 3:
My eyes are open, now i see the light,
And living life for God the way I should.
I am saying up to stars and to the sky,
I loved by Him. Its very very good.
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